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Who We Are

We Are Building For the Future with 3D printed houses

Founded in 2022 by Leigh Newman and Yafes Gabuji with the goal of building sustainable residential and commercial projects. 

With years of experience in high-rise | multi-family | commercial | civil projects completely. In the Spring of 2023 Leostar will launch its 3D printing division building its first multi-story development in Ontario. 

Printerra plans to use the 3D construction printing technology to serve the growing demand for affordable and sustainable housing by partnering with government and municipalities, asset management firms and developers to become the leading 3D construction company in Canada.

3D printed houses in Canada will lead the way in addressing many issues.

Print Nozzles

Quick release nozzle system allows for easy change between nozzles in less than 2 minutes and for printing various layer widths (30-100 mm possible) and layer heights (10-30 mm possible).

Unprecedented Print Speed

The BOD2 printer is the fastest 3D construction printer on the market, with a print speed of up to 1000 mm per second.

Freedom Of Choice Of Materials

To ease the process of compliance with industry standards as well as open up to a wider spectre of materials, the BOD2 has been developed to print with a wide range of materials.

2-4 Operators

The BOD2 lowers the labor cost and optimizes on site efficiency





3DCP offers architects and designers a high degree of creative freedom when planning living areas within its structures, and 3D printed houses. PERI HOUSE features unique feature walls throughout its rooms and hallways as well as functional finishes such as a fully-integrated bathtub in the master and modern fireplace in its family room.

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